hydraulic and
electro hydraulic

Camtorc actuators are available for pneumatic and hydraulic applications in either double acting or spring return configuration in steel or stainless steel (extreme service) construction, ATEX certified and IEC.61508 (SIL) assessed.


  • Smaller space envelope to aid design and installation
  • Simple unique but efficient operating mechanism to improve longevity
  • Design that limits effects of aggressive environments rendering the actuator unsafe
  • Suitable for wide operating pressure range
  • Low maximum torque values that significantly reduce the risk of valve stem shear
  • Unique spring piston design enables valves to be controlled effectively (modulation or PST)
  • Simple system allows for shut-down valve testing without spurious trip risk


  • On-off control
  • Modulating control
  • High cycling
  • Safety critical
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Extreme service

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