Constant Torque for a Longer Operational Life

What is Camtorc?

Camtorc is a specialist manufacturer/supplier of extreme service quarter-turn pneumatic and hydraulic actuator control systems for the on/off and modulating control of valves and dampers.

The ‘heart’ of the legendary Camtorc design is a cam with a mathematically derived profile. The cam rotates between two yoked pistons which results in a constant torque output. This unique feature can only be found in the Camtorc Actuator.

The Cam mechanical design offers simple, backlash free operation providing extended life of seal and components. The Camtorc provides high actuator efficiency in a compact design, limiting the amount of infrastructure and associated costs to install.

Camtorc actuators are based on proven designs and are produced from top quality materials. Every part is meticulously selected and subjected to stringent ISO 9001 and ATEX quality inspection procedures ensuring excellent technical performance and long service life.


Investing in a Camtorc Actuator means you will benefit from;
  • Reduced installation cost
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Less maintenance
  • Improved plant safety

Camtorc series Type S & Type SX are available for pneumatic and hydraulic applications in either double acting or spring return configurations with a full range of control accessories.

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