Actuator Systems for Valves and Dampers

What are MATIC Actuator Systems?

MATIC manufacture and supplier of custom pneumatic and hydraulic actuator systems for the on/off and modulating control of valves and dampers as used in the oil, gas, marine, power and process industries.

Utilising many years of field application experience within the area of valve and damper automation, MATIC actuator systems are engineered to provide technically advanced solutions conforming to the latest international standards.

Matic provides a full and comprehensive range of valve automation services including, control panel fabrication and mount & test controls to clients free issue valves.

To compliment the standard range of pneumatic and hydraulic actuator systems offered, MATIC is pleased to provide technical support and submit quotations to customers for all their valve / damper actuation requirements including:

  • Electric actuators (failsafe and hazardous area options available)
  • Intelligent actuators
  • Actuators to interface with fieldbus protocols
  • IP68 submersible actuators


  • High-quality products
  • Engineered & customised solutions
  • Flexible and experienced support
  • Fast track deliveries
  • Low cost of ownership assured
  • After sales service


  • On/off and modulating control valves
  • Emergency shut-down valves (ESDV)
  • Blow-down valves (BDV) systems
  • Partial Stroke Testing (PST) systems