StoneL Valve

Imtex Controls is the authorised distributor for StoneL, a leading producer of valve communication and process networking solutions.

To complement our own manufacture of valve monitoring and communication systems, Imtex Controls is the Licensed distributor in Europe and the Middle East for products manufactured by StoneL in the USA, a market leader in valve communication and bus networking systems for the process industries.


Products include:

Valvepoint Valve Communication

Valvepoint products provide a full range of monitoring, communication, and control platforms ideally suited for quarter-turn and linear discrete valve applications in extreme process environments.

  • Quartz monitor system
  • Prism linear monitor system
  • Hawkeye linear point sensor
  • Eclipse monitor system
  • Axiom valve communication system
  • Dual Module VCT (valve communication terminal)

FieldLink Bus Networking

Fieldlink products enable end users to take advantage of field-based communication technologies to cut installation and maintenance costs and utilize valve diagnostics providing. installation savings improved flexibility, and reduced infrastructure requirements.

  • Masters / Gateways
  • Power supplies
  • Input/Output modules
  • Drop connectors
  • Power conditioners and repeaters
  • Cabling
  • Handheld communicators
  • Enclosures